We work with you to evaluate your safety program…

As an integral part of a complete safety program, safety evaluations are designed to identify safety hazards and help to prevent injuries and accidents. Our consultants work with management and all other employees to work safe through training and positive reinforcement. Supervisors are held responsible for maintaining a safe site between evaluations by Syntax Safety Systems. Our consultants will make sure that the supervisors are enforcing safety on a daily basis.

We offer these types of evaluations:

Comprehensive Case Review

In-depth Safety Analysis with abatement and training recommendations. The inspection will vary in how long it takes depending on the size of the workplace. A comprehensive case review will give companies a baseline for their future safety efforts. This is a great starting point to assist companies in evaluating their current safety program and ensuring a safe future for their employees.

Ongoing On-Site Safety Evaluations

Our Safety Consultants will provide ongoing safety evaluations of your workplace, providing you with a corrective action log listing all safety infractions found, and assist you in correcting the infractions to meet OSHA regulations and other safety guidelines. All infractions that are corrected at the time of the inspection will be noted on the inspection form. When infractions cannot be corrected immediately, we expect supervisors to correct the infraction ASAP and then note the correction date on the inspection form. Ongoing On-Site Safety Evaluations will help ensure continued compliance and prevention of injuries and accidents.

OSHA Inspection Assistance

If OSHA visits your workplace, we will assist in the inspection. We will take the initiative with the OSHA Compliance Officer by demonstrating your efforts of compliance and what you are doing right. We will also support you after the OSHA inspection by proving abatement and handling any negotiations with OSHA up to the informal hearing level.

Accident/Incident Investigations

All accidents and incidents should be investigated thoroughly to determine the root cause of the accident or incident. Once the root cause is determined, our consultants will recommend steps to be taken to prevent recurrence. Many insurance companies require accident and incident investigations. Determining the root cause is vital to an effective safety program.

Ongoing Safety Training During Safety Evaluations

Training is an ongoing process. During our safety evaluations, our consultants train employees and subcontractors to minimize repeat infractions. We handle safety infractions in a positive manner, by explaining why it’s a hazard or OSHA violation and teaching the workers how to correct the problem. We also explain and train the workers the reasoning behind the safety issue in question.

Comprehensive Reporting

Our safety evaluations are documented in our web-based Safety Inspection Data Management System, which offers 24/7 secure online access to all of your Safety Inspection Reports and related data. The reports are emailed to you promptly after the evaluation.